Our Impact

Together with our partners, the PEXIM Foundation has invested over 1 million euros into funding more than 30 Cambridge University scholars' studies at Cambridge. The majority of our alumni returned to their home countries and after their return they work at: 

    the Prime Minister’s office of both Serbia and North Macedonia
  • Various ministries
  • International intergovernmental organisations
  • Think-tanks
  • Running social initiatives
  • Teaching at universities
  • Engaging in the start-up scene
  • Working in the private sector on large infrastructure projects
  • Guiding their younger colleagues through the “Mentorship Initiative” that they self-organised 

By providing scholarships, the PEXIM Foundation initiated the changes, but it is the work and the contribution of our alumni network that continues to make the ripples of changes bigger every day. They are the ones making our environment better for generations to come.