Become a partner

These are some of the opportunities to become our partner:

1)Inform us about job vacancies in your enterprise where our scholars may be a good fit 

Let’s discuss collaboration between your organization/ company and our Foundation in terms of finding new talent and seizing new business opportunities with the UK market 

2) Support our annual events as a donor 

Our main regular events are PEXIM-BSCC Dinner in Cambridge (every May), and Farewell Reception of New Generation of  Cambridge scholars (every September). As our partner at these events you support the visibility of remarkable community of the Balkan scholars, entrepreneurs, researchers and experts in the UK and you build business collaboration between these markets. 

3) Become Cambridge Trust and PEXIM Foundation Scholarship Partner 

If you are dedicated to long-term support of educational ecosystem and building economic environment, we can create together Scholarship Fund that will enable scholars from Serbia and Macedonia to pursue their education at Cambridge University. 

Together with our academic and institutional partners, including Cambridge Trust, PEXIM Foundation can provide you with the infrastructure and guidance so that your financial support makes tangible difference in the lives of the best students from the Balkans. 

o   Benefits

Some of the benefits your organization/company will obtain by partnering with us:

1)  opportunity to make a strategic impact on educating workforce of the future, who will be a catalyst of economic development, and opportunity to help strategically and in alignment with your long-term impact investment or CSR strategy   

2) access to extraordinary individuals and organizations affiliated with the University of Cambrdige, and the institutional and business ecosystems of the United Kingdom, Serbia and Macedonia 

3) visibility for your efforts, financial and in-kind support towards relevant stakeholders and media 

4) opportunity from PEXIM Foundation team and network to advise you on projects towards the UK and Western Balkans market, as well as collaborating with the University of Cambridge and other stakeholders  

5) tax incentives

Feel free to propose ways we can collaborate by sending us a message. 

Our partners

Our partners come from all sectors: institutions, academia, business and other non-profits.

Below you can see some of our partners:


Scholarship partners:

Event partners: